Mini destash

So I don’t have a lot of fancy yarn, I bought a couple of boxes or yarn and was given a box of yarn b/c there were a few nice items within it that I really wanted. I don’t have room to store it all and cannot buy more this is overflowing the closet and taking over the room.

I’m not sure what a lot of this is worth, so make me an offer, will combine anything you like and will ask that you pay shipping. I don’t seem to be able to load the pictures so please just PM me if you are interested in something and I will send pictures your way

Thanks for looking

#1 Light blue - W. West Designs Confetti (92% cotton, 8%acrylic) made in Italy, 65yrds per each 5 with labels and 1 without. $9 + SH

#2 Purchased this off e-bay (oops) it was sold as a handspun alpaca blend with a blue base. Tried to show in the pic that it is 3 fine filaments together. Just not what I expected and I cannot find a use for it. 6 hanks $10 + SH

#3 Bernat Frenzy Ultra Violet all 3 with labels $8 + SH

#4 Bernat Galaxy Neptune all 3 with labels $8 + SH

#5 the cones - looks like chenile (blue) and acrylic (grey and red)

#6 Purple cone looks to be pretty full…acrylic

#7 This looks pretty old, fuzzy acrylic called Mohlon from Illinois Yarn Comany, no yardage listed. Looks like 6 full skeins and 2 partial (look full to me but no label) Looks great for baby knitting PINK

#8 Some more antique acrylic Red Heart Wintuk in Baby Aqua - again no yardage listed. 3 look full, one partial and a piece to be frogged that looks like beginnings of a bonnet

#9 Almost forgot the 30 something skeins of embroidery floss in multiple colors. It is not DMC colors…all look brand new with labels attached.

how many yards of this? would you email me a pick or post one here? thanks


I might be interested in the chenielle cones. Could you tell me how much you think is there or a pic please?

Thank you both for your interest, I need e-mail addresses to send pics as they are too large to post here (cannot seem to get them to resize small enough).

I don’t know how many yards of the ebay yarn … I only “bought” 2 hanks and if I remember correctly they were sold as “at least 120 yds each”, she sent me 6 hanks so I don’t really know what I got.

The Cones - there is only one of chenille, turqoiuse - and I don’t think there is too much. If you send me an e-mail address I am more than happy to send you the pics.

i pm’d you