I finished a Mini-Clapotis about a week ago. Finally! Something for me for a change!

I used about 500 yds (a little over 2 hanks) of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat yarn in the “Mystic Lake” colorway, and it wound up being 13.5" wide x 74" long.

It’s beautiful!! Nice colors! :inlove:

That is gorgeous!!! :thumbsup:

Its GORGEOUS!!! :inlove:

Wowee! That is nice!

Preeeettty :inlove: :thumbsup:

Oh that is gorgeous! How did you figure out how to make it smaller? I love that pattern, but for some reason consider it to be “beyond” me!

I used the pattern from the kpixie site. Basically, you reduce the number of repeats in the increase section of the pattern to make it narrower.

Trust me - I just stared at the pattern for months, but I joined the Clapotisknitalong2005 Yahoo Group where someone had posted an Excel spreadsheet that broke the pattern down row-by-row. Once I saw that, it didn’t seem nearly as intimidating.


very pretty :inlove:!
congratulations :cheering:!

That is really beautiful!! :inlove:

That’s so pretty!

Oh, how gorgeous! I love how it looks on you.

Wow a yahoo KAL just for the clapotis. This is serious. I mean is there any knitter that does NOT know about the clapotis? Is it the most popular thing to knit or what???

Nice job on yours by the way. Pretty colors. :thumbsup:

Beautiful!! :inlove:

That’s gorgeous! I really, really like the idea of making a smaller version…this would be perfect for my momma. Her b-day is on April Fool’s Day, and I know that I’ll need to get started soon. (I’m a s-l-o-w knitter.) This would be great.

I heart your colorway, too. Absolutely beautimus!


very beautifuL!

Oh, that is just lovely! :inlove: :inlove:

Well, I bought three skeins of Andean Silk Twist in Prairie and I started making the Madison Scarf but it just didn’t look right. So now I’ve started making the Clapotis but I’m making it narrower so that I’ll have enough yarn. I hope this works!!

I love that! It’s just beautiful!