Mind Trick?

I never really noticed having this problem when I first started knitting, but, it has recently surfaced and I was wondering if this happens to anyone else:

When I’m looking at something I’ve knitted in stockinette, at first look, the V’s all seem to be pointing downward, but, if I look at it for a bit, the V’s flip and point upwards, like an upside down V. It goes back and forth like this, and, even if I look away for a while and look again, I still see the V’s upside down, then after a bit, they’re pointing downward again.

The V’s are supposed to point downward, right? Like a normal V…I swear, it’s making me doubt the way stockinette is supposed to look…lol…

It’s a mind/eye thing. Yes, they’re pointing the right way, but if you skip half a stitch over they look like they’re going the other way.

Oh yea. That’s happened to me,and I was SURE I’d messed up!!!

lol…I know! It’s one of those things where it makes you start doubting what you know…I’ve been like wait a minute, were they always upside down and I just never noticed, have I not really been paying attention, or is my mind completely messing with me! Then, I concentrate on seeing the V’s pointing downward but no matter how hard I concentrate, I don’t see it…so, I keep staring until they “flip” again. I was starting to think maybe something was wrong with me…lol

Nope not just you… In fact I usually see the upside down V’s first… To see them the right way I block off just one stitch… a lot of times it’s the only way I can see it that way…