Mill Ends?

Has anyone ever bought mills ends?

I came across some auctions on ebay. The pictures show skeins. What exactly are mill ends, anyway?

Leftovers from the factory that aren’t enough to make full skeins with usually. But that doesn’t mean there’s only a few yards, usually there could be a hundred yards or more per bundle

Thanks Sue. The word “ends” threw me.

They’re the ‘ends’ of the huge chunk of yarn that’s spun up.

I was completely unaware of these, I will have to keep my eye out from now on.

I’ve heard that AC Moore stores sometimes have Caron and RH mill ends, so if you’re near one, you might check there.

perfectly decent yarn
it is just the end of the run
i use this yarn to make afghans or scarfs for charity
i practise on yarn like this

I’m really sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. I, too, buy mill ends or remnants to make afghans for the VA here. It’s really a great way to have a lot of yarn for quick projects for charity.