Military Knitting

So, my husband is in Florida doing some training for the Air Force. I taught him to knit last September and he took his needles and yarn along to do some practice.

He knits these things he calls “practice mice”. He’ll CO 15 stitches, knit for about an inch, then cast off (then he showers me with them ha ha ha).

Anyway, he called me earlier and said that he went wandering around town and found an LYS. He went in there to look at needles and said that the owners stared at him for a good long while.

Picture this: 6’ tall man, in uniform with his current project sticking out of his leg pocket.

They finally approached him and asked him if the yarn sticking out of his uniform was his project and where very happy to have a knitting man in their shop.

So if you have an LYS between Pensacola and Panama Beach, Florida and you saw a tall, blue-eyed airman in uniform browsing through needles at your store, that was my hubby.

I’m so proud of him ^___^

He’s just started practicing ribbing so he can CO for a pair of socks.

What an awesome story, Diana! I love to see men knitting. You should have him look at this video:

Real Men Knit

Ah, I’d love to come across one of those at a LYS :smiley:

An old lady in a little yarn shop with expensive yarn told me that a guy living upstairs knits as well.

What a great story, that he showers you with ‘mice’ is just too cute!

Soldiers who knit and crochet could probably fill up many a site like this. We ship stuff to Iraq and Afghanistan, and sometimes get special requests for yarn projects.

:happydance:aww that’s great!!

[COLOR="#300090"]Somehow I pictured a line of recruits all knitting in “formation” while the Sergeant yells out, "Knit one!"
Soldiers respond, "Purl two!"
Kint one!
Purl two!
Break it on down!
Kint one! Purl two! Ribbing the cuff is what we do!

Hooyah! :thumbsup:

But your story was better. Airman? Tell him Marines can do “two handed Fair Isle” in their sleep. That is if you want to tease or challenge him. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! :yay:


:roflhard: :chair: :guyknitting:

That’s such a funny thing to picture DianaM. That’s so cool :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Diana, that’s awesome! :teehee: little ‘mice’

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: That was great!




I keep telling everybody the story. I’m sure some people want me to shut up :roflhard:

Anyway, he just sent me a pic of his face, with a half-knit sock in his mouth and the message “I turned my first heel” :slight_smile:
He’s using Silver’s tutorial.
Gotta say, it’s a pretty sexy pic hahahahahaha.

Diana, there are some groups working on helmetliners and scarves for soldiers, so your husband might like to work on a scarf. The patterns are all over the Internet. I think it’s just a 2 x 2 rib, so it’s pretty easy. The only drawback is they can’t use any synthetic yarn as it’s flammable and the wool has to be soft. I use Cascade 220 superwash. Your husband is special and I appreciate his service!

This site has WWI and WWII era knitting patterns translated into modern knitting terminology:

ETA: actually, I forgot–not all of them are translated. But the WWII patterns are pretty easy to read.