Mildly Disappointed

…in a pattern I downloaded from Patternfish. The pattern was for pullover sweaters for the family marked as a “no sew” on circular needles.

When I downloaded it and read it, the childrens and the men’s sweater patterns are written knitted flat and seamed. Only the women’s sweater is actually one piece and circular. :??

Such a bummer to expect one thing and get another.:wall:


I would complain to the site owner, or at least mention the description is not accurate.

I agree with Sue. That’s misrepresentation.

did you have to pay for it? if so then you realy should contact the site/shop since it is misrepresentation and you can’t check first.

If not it still might be worth mentioning since it is not what you expected.

I agree I would say something.

If it is the same pattern as the woman’s can you convert it to circular?

I have found an occasional pattern that gives directions for both flat and in the round, giving you the option.

If the pattern is the same except for size and stitch number you should have no problem converting to “in the round”

If it is actually different I would contact their customer service, maybe they will refund your money.

Sounds like they should have separated the patterns. I would contact them, too.

Sorry if this is a bit of a random rant, but I just have to say this:

A while ago, I had heard from several people I knew about bad experiences with and posted it here, and got reprimanded by several people on this site because I didn’t have the direct evidence myself with ordering from them, I was in effect spreading rumors, and that this poor small business needed support. Feeling guilty, I did then order some yarn from them-- and the 8 oz. skein I paid for was in fact 6.5 ounces. And they wouldn’t budge on their no refund/no return policy. I didn’t say a word here, because I didn’t want to get into any more arguements, and last I heard, they were out of business, or at least no one could get into their site, so, no point.

So-- now you’ve had a bad experience with patternfish. And I just have to say, no one’s saying it’s unfair to post here without ever attempting to contact them! I have ordered several things from them, and had a problem with one. I contacted them and they were amazing about it. Just think if it were [U]your[/U]
business! Saying that they misrepresent is not fair-- they are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of written patterns and a mistake is going to happen. How they handle it is the real test. Email them and let them know and see the result-- and then we can all decide what we think about them.

And no, I don’t know anyone there personally, am not related to them, have stock in the company, intend to sell patterns on there, or any other motive. But they have really interesting, different stuff and access to many, many innovative designers, and I think they’re great.

Rant over.

The head honcho is Julia and she will help/correct/repair as best she can. As a Patternfish client, I am responsible for my pattern and I have to go in and edit certain descriptions. Not everyone pays attention to this so you should contact her.

No need to bring up past history. That was a different situation entirely and it was an overreaction. Let it go.

In this case, I agree that the pattern was misrepresented. If they said ‘no sew sweater[B]s[/B]’ and only one of them was then it’s incorrect. If the pattern was a download then they may not be able to return your money, but they can address the text that is misstated and they may offer something else as a replacement. You won’t know unless you ask. If they choose to do nothing then then lesson learned I guess.

Yes I remember the thread you are talking about. I was one of the “supporters”. The problem may be that the post was about and not (which I know nothing about).

DBNY is infact still a thriving business, I just received a shipment of lovely Rowan yarn from them yesterday. So I guess one problem may be that some sites have similar names and one gets a bad rap because of the actions of an entirely different site. Many times a web site address may be startlingly similar to an entirely different site.

And repremanded again-- in public, for everyone to see. Thanks, but no thanks. No reply necessary, because this is the last time on this site for me.

Britty, Even if you won’t see it I apologize. I may be a mod, but I am first of all human and I made a mistake I guess. I just felt it wasn’t necessary to bring it up again in this thread and was attempting to stop and problem before it began. :hug:

Hi All!

Didn’t mean to electrify anyone. Yesterday, I got the pattern from circular no-sew. I looked again for the pattern so I could send an e-mail about it and it didn’t come under circular knitting again. Maybe it was a glitch from yesterday.

I am going to make a child’s size sweater using the adult pattern directions and CO enough for child size. Luckily, I have a girl as the womens’ pattern is feminine.

I am NOT bad mouthing Patternfish. I have downloaded pattern from there that I like. I said I was MILDLY disappointed and that’s not a rant.