Mila Hat

I posted a couple of weeks ago about a hat. It is beautiful, but there seems to be an error. I contacted the seller of the pattern and she says she cannot find an error! I am frustrated! I know it is not my fault. I was wondering if anyone can look at this and do a rewrite for me to make this work? Row 15 is where the problem starts, there are 2 stitches left on the needle (only worked over 14 stitches but there are 16 on needle) and same for the following rows. The pattern begins with DPNs and eight stitches, (2 on each needle).

Is this the pattern?

You’re right. Tell the designer that after rows 13 and 14 you have 16sts on the needle. Row 15 only uses 14sts.
And, as you say, the problem continues. Row 15 (if you could work it) leaves you with 18sts and row 17 only uses 14. The pattern isn’t accounting for all the sts from previous rows.
I suspect that there’s something else going on here, since you clearly don’t end with 112sts. Perhaps you do something with the extra sts?? At any rate, the designer should be able to point you in the right direction.
Check the pattern on Ravelry and see if there are other projects. The project notes may be helpful.
Can you give us the name of the pattern? Also, if you would, please edit out the first 12 and the last 8 rows or so because of copyrights.

Thanks, I never thought of the copyright issue, but I am glad you too realize that there is something wrong.

No, sorry this is not the one. It was a paid pattern

I’ve been prowling around this site the past few days searching for inspiration, and I found it. I LOVE that hat, so I bought the pattern.

In the “Notes” section of the pattern, the last note says “In case of extra stitches or limited stitches, yarn over or knit together where necessary.”

So just decrease the extra stitches.

I noticed on Ravelry that there are no completed projects. I often check that statics before starting a pattern.

I agree. That can give you a key as to whether there is an issue with the pattern. Good that you brought this up; I imagine a lot of people don’t check that.

that must be a new part, I am certain my copy didn’t mention that. However, I did contact the seller and she assures me she is working on correcting the problem. :slight_smile:

Without seeing the pattern it sounds like you are doing short rows for the shaping. Keep reading and see if you have 14 stitches on the NEXT row. If so, you are doing short rows and that would be correct it is a form of shaping. Very easy to do