Mike and Sully?

Ok, so my son’s favorite movie now is Monsters Inc. He has these plastic figures of Mike and Sully, but he wants to sleep with them! He ends up laying on them and waking himself up, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a pattern to make these little guys. Also, does anyone have a sock monkey pattern? I’ve seen some online, but I don’t remember where. I’m going to do some searches later, but I got a sick kiddo (getting over roseola).

Any help would be great!!!


this is how i make mine

More sites




For the Mike and Sully, you can use this if you find a picture you like.

Thanks for the info about the sock monkeys…hopefully I’ll get the sewing machine out soon!

I think I’m just going to invent a Mike pattern, since he’s the one the kid carries around all the time. Maybe convert a cat toy pattern…hmmm…guess I gotta get those creative juices flowing!

What if you looked for a knitted teddy bear pattern to use for the big guy and then used some blue fuzzzy yarn?


great idea! I think I’m going to just go away for the weekend with my needles and some new yarn and come back with a plan. i can’t think with a kid screaming and running around! I don’t have a cat, but I’ve knit with one in the room, and i personally think that a kid can be a lot worse than a cat playing with your yarn. You can send the cat running with a squirt of water or a swat, but my kid thinks it’s a game!!! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go outside by himself. Geez!

I did find a ball pattern from another post, and I think just knitting it in green and adding appendages in icord and a big googly eye will work for Mike. Going to search tonight for a teddy bear I can make into sully!

Thanks everyone for your help!!!