Mikado Fingerless Gloves gap between knit and purl stitches

I’m doing the Mikado gloves and I’m having an issue when I do the cable pattern. The pattern is p3, k8 (cable pattern), p3…
The first 3 purls and 8 knits look great, but when I do the next 3 purls, I get a gap between the knit and purl stitches which makes it look like I dropped a stitch when I haven’t.
I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Am I knitting too loose? Can someone give me a tip? I’m an English style knitter if that makes any difference. :slight_smile:


It’s normal to have some gap around cables. Is that where the problem is between the knit cable and first purl? If that is the case you can try wrapping the yarn the wrong way when purling. It’ll tighten it up. Here’s some info I wrote about ribbing and gaps that might help if you’re knitting in the round.

It worked! Thank you so much for your article Jan, your technique works and my gloves look much better!.

Thanks again,