Midwest Great Lakes Oddball Baby Blankets

Hello friendly charity knitters and crocheters! :waving:

We work together to make Oddball Baby Blankets for charity. Our blankets will be made according to the requests of local hospital(s), so keep watching this thread to see our guidelines.

[B]The Midwest [U]Great Lakes[/U] Baby Blankets[/B] are led by traceleighj

The Great Lakes region includes Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Ohio.

If you would like to volunteer to help make baby blankets, please send a private message to traceleighj, and she will help you get started!

Our project will begin in August, so let’s start our plans!

I’m still in :]

Hi! I am so excited!!
I am working on a blog for us and I will let you know when that is up.
For now, we need a few more knitters and some great blankets to get us going…I am sure there are a ton of ideas out there and I am welcome to any and all suggestions!!!

I’m in and excited about the project:cheering:

Yippe! I finally get a night off and have accomplished a ton of work for our group! Emails sent, check. Ravelry updated, check.

I have even hit up my knitting group- from Ravelry into joining up- they all see me working on the blankets every month and love them. It won’t really be a hard sell.

Last on the list, Blog, CHECK! More to come as we get going, but it’s a start!


Way to go Tracie!! I’m in…just let me know what I need to do!

Are we going to start back up right on August 1st? We might need to get some ideas together!
Is there only a few of us? No one is really active on this thread…

Yes, this thread has been kind of quiet. I am oging to get some needles and start a blanket. Right now there aren’t too many of us- so put on some pressure! I will post our frst blanket tomorrow and get that going! Wicked- would you like to be #2? I am at work right now and my lists are at home, but I will definitely get one going and out the door on Monday!

Don’t we need to come up with some themes for our blanket?And what about colors? My computer will be down for the weekend so don’t worry if I don’t answer right away

I’ll be sending some needles and yarn your way soon, traceleighj!

Thanks Shandeh!

Momwolf- I do have ideas and will post more tomorrow- I am stuck at my parents tonight dog-sitting and will get home tomorrow afternoon to post a couple to start. If you do have any ideas, let me know I would love to have a bunch!

Tracie – I would love to be number two on our first blanket! I am so uncreative when it comes to names and whatnot…everything I think of is so similar or exactly the same as ones we did as a large group!!
I definately think the rainbow themed ones were amazing!

ETA: I am going to keep this post as a running list of blankets.

12/8/08- updated

[B][U]Somewhere Over the Rainbow-[/U][/B] (temporarily MIA)
[B][U]Little Bo Peep-[/U][/B] traceleighj is knitting the border

[U][B]Butterfly Meadow-[/B][/U]
traceleighj- DONE
Ladybug Lady- DONE
Monzogary- DONE
Momwolf- DONE
Crystal1615 (Rav)- working on it

[B][U]Cottonball- (all white)[/U][/B]
traceleighj- done
Monzogary- DONE
Momwolf- DONE
Ladybug Lady- DONE
Crystal1615 (rav)- working on it

[B][U]Rainbow Brite- all garter stitch[/U][/B]
red- traceleighj- done
orange- Baronreads- DONE
yellow- Momwolf- DONE
green- Becjo- DONE
blue- Mulderknitter- DONE
purple- Monzogary

[B][U]Not Easy Being Green- all greens [/U][/B]
Mulderknitter- DONE
Momwolf- DONE
Monzogary- DONE
Baronreads- waiting for it to arrive
thesawat (Rav)

[U][B]Peppy Pastels- [/B][/U]
Cheryl1973 (Rav) DONE
applemac (Rav) DONE
jelwismuth (Rav) DONE
becjo DONE
thesawat (Rav) DONE
babsnelson (Rav) working on it

[B][U]Winter Wonderland- [/U][/B]
Momwolf- DONE
Mulderknitter DONE
jlewismuth (Rav) DONE
mapletree1234- working on it
schcrochet (Rav) section and border

[B][U]Berry Bliss- [/U][/B]
Babsnelson (Rav) DONE
baronreads (Rav)
jlewismuth (Rav)
cheryl1973 (Rav)
applemac (Rav)

[B][U]Sunny Daze-[/U][/B]
traceleighj DONE
BBQknits (Rav) DONE
thesawat (Rav) waiting for it to arrive
Packerbelle (Rav)
schcrochet (Rav)

Tracie-I definately have some stash orange!
Do you want to do it in all garter stitch?

Good luck with your blankets, Great Lakes region! :thumbsup:
Be good to your new leader, my friends! :muah:

Can I have Green please?
And I can be # 2 on Little Boy Blue

You’re in momwolf…thanks! I am just waiting for the pot of water to boil to straighten out the circular needles. Plus, I went a little crazy on yarn…:eyes:

garter sounds good to me!

I just replied to the blog - but I’d love to be included in this myself. I live in Indiana - so is this the right area where I need to be? Sign me up for wherever you need me & let me know what I need to do! I’d be thrilled to be included!!!

You can sign me up for both Tracie. I can do Yellow for “Over the Rainbow” and I’ve got TONS of misc blues. (DH’s favorite color!!)