wow…I haven’t been on this website in a LONG time (had to temporarily withdraw myself from my knitting addiction while I was in school:lol:)

I’m back in business now that summer is dragging ever so slowly.

I’m going to be attending Middlebury College, and I was wondering if there were any nice patterns that I could make anything with.

Even if it’s just a scarf with the college’s name spelled out, I would like your input of ideas! Please! :slight_smile:

I live in TX, so I’m going to have to actually use the stuff I make now. :cheering:

Thanks in advance! It’s good to be back :happydancing:

I’m not sure you’ll find anything specific to Middlebury College, but you could make a hat/scarf/mittens, etc with the school colors. Or use charted letters to make something with the name. It’s cold up there so you’ll probably need some warm garments!

Since I don’t know in which part of Texas your college is located in, I would think a nice neutral pattern like a purse/mail carriers bag would be useful and cool. You could use your school colors and or initial(s) to personalize it. Or maybe wristwarmers/wristlets (how about a head scarf/kerchief) in the school colors.

Middlebury is in Vermont.:wink:

Okay, apply forehead slap here. :oops: But maybe the wristwarmers/wristlets could still come in handy. Good for when your sleeves ride up or the gap that is sometimes created between sleeve and mitten or glove.