Mid-felting Q!

I’ve felted before, but with WOTA which felted quite easily.

Right now, I’m felting my clogs and they are taking a loooong time. My question is…the water isn’t really hot any more, as it’s been agitating for over an hour. It’s quite lukewarm. Should I let the cycle finish so I can start again with super-hot water?

Ingrid? :smiley:

That’s what I did. But just to be clear here, my clogs are the only thing I ever felted.

But I did take them out and drain the water to get it hot again.

Thanks! :smiley:

an hour? whoa. could it be the yarn?
my bags (Kureyon/220 mix) took 3 to 5 agitation sessions. each session on my washer is about 5 min.

I say start again. put the washer on its lowest water setting, select hot water, and choose the most vigorous agitation. when that agitation stops or slows, gently squeeze the water out of the knitting, and set the washer back to the vigorous agitation (on my washer I turn the dial back) and repeat until it’s to your liking.

Yup…it’s taking for-freaking-ever. My WOTA bag took like ten minutes tops…I’m surprised too because the wool I used is minimally processed and seemed like it would be eager to felt. Ah well…they do look good…just not small enough / smooth enough yet.

My felty bag took about 25mins to felt… that was 3 sessions of hot water…

Hey, Jul…arent your clogs a pretty light color?

LOL, yes they are, but I promise, this wool should felt. It’s minimally processed – i.e. I’ve had to pick out bits of hay as I knit. It should felt. Really. In fact when I knit a swatch and washed it, it poofed up beautifully. But for some reason my clogs are cursed…but I’ll save the clog rant for my blog… :shock:

aw :frowning:
sorry to hear that, Julie.