Micro spun cotton question

Hello all -

VERY new here. I am a new knitter (as in, only scarves up until now). I bought a slew of Lion Brand micro spun yarn to make a baby blanket, and now I am wondering if it will hold up well enough. I have done a few rows and although it is SOOOO soft, it seems kinda delicate. Should I save this for something else instead?

I just finished a baby sweater in that type of yarn. I understand your reservation. I am not sure it would make a good blanket because it seems so stretchy/not enough body to it for a blanket?
Just my thought-

Yeah, I don’t know either. I made a Baby Surpirse Jacket with it and a couple hats. Not sure I’d like it for a blanket.

Plus it’s pretty ‘thin’ - it’d take near forever and a day to finish a blanket, I’d think.

It is rather thin, but it’s pretty sturdy. I made a few dishcloths with it and they’ve been fine. It splits when you knit so you have to be careful you don’t keep splitting the plies and making your knitting look rough and messy. Personally I think I’d use some other yarn for a baby blanket though.

BTW…I don’t like it for dishcloths as it’s not that absorbent IMO and I’ve been meaning to try it for dusting…

I use Wildflowers cotton for my dishclothes. I don’t like the heavy cotton because it hurts my hands to wring out when wet and the Wildflowers is very soft and pliable but absorbent also.

I like Tahki Cotton Classic. It’s lighter and dries quickly, but super absorbant. And the colors… gorgeous!

I have been knitting/crocheting with Micro spun for years and have made adult garments as well as baby clothes and dishcloth/blanket type things with it. It washes and wears well and doesn’t fade.
It isn’t cotton, although it feels like it. It is microfiber acrylic, so it isn’t as absorbant as cotton would be. As far as the light weight, if you use appropriate patterns and needles/hooks, the finished articles are lightweight rather than bulky.

Personally, I would use it for something else. I just finished a baby blanket with it. It took me forever… :thud: It is very stretchy and I am not really pleased with it. That’s just my opinion.