Mickey Monkey

Here is Mickey Monkey :slight_smile: He is made for my son Luke .
The pattern is by Monkee Maker .

:teehee: He is adorable!

So cute Rita! I love him posing in the tree :slight_smile:

I always look forward to seeing another of your dolls/stuffed animals ritaw! He is cute as can be! :muah:

He is just DARLING! :muah:


What a big mouth he has. All the better to chatter and kiss Luke with. Nice long arms for posing too. He looks very natural in his tree.

How cute is that!! He looks quite happy hangin from that tree!

Ohhhhhhhh so sweet n cute …eager to hug him

Very cute! Just right for a boy!

that is great!

adding to my queue!

He is so cute!!! I had a monkey when I was a child that I loved better than dolls.

i just want to give him banannas

How huggable and adorable. Luke must just love him!!! Great job!

This little monkey made me SMILE! How adorable! Give him a hug from me. :hug:

Thank you Everyone . Luke has been having lots of fun with him .
I have to confess though ! Luke cam to me and said “Mummy where is my monkey’s tail”

I forgot to knit one lol . So out come the needles :slight_smile:

With or without his tail, he’s still adorable! :slight_smile:

LOL about the tail. Too cute. He is simply adorable! Love how you’ve posed him for the pics. :slight_smile:

Oh my! Inspiring! Besides being a talented knitter, you are just as talented at photography! I love the setting!

Oh, he’s adorable!

He’s adorable!