So I was in my local Michaels yesterday to buy some CottonEase, and bernat has some yummy new yarns! I bought 2 skeins of a really soft boucle type bamboo yarn. Then there was a cashmere yarn, and an organic cotton, which looked really nice! Also, they got some really nice looking knitting bags with accessories to match. They had crochet hook rolls, needle rolls, sock bags, and the full size bag and they were cheap. The sock bag was a soft plastic at the top, material at the bottom with a clip attached for attaching to your knit bag or purse, and they were $8.99 and the needle rolls were only $5.99!!! Anyone else get this stuff in yet?
ETA: they also had a Bernat Alpaca yarn too.



Not yet but that bamboo one was so soft (small skeins though!). The Michaels by me also added new colors for SWS. There was a gorgeous purply blue one. I wish that yarn didn’t itch so much!

I was disappointed to find they got rid of Lion Brand microspun.

me tooo…I really like Microspun :frowning: I didn’t notice the SWS but I love that yarn!!! I’ll have to check it out next time.

I have seen the new yarns here in Canada but not the bags. Must keep looking.

Are you sure they stopped carrying it, or did I just buy all of it? :slight_smile: I have this huge drawer in my stash filled to the brim w/microspun. Somehow the projects I have bought it for aren’t getting made or have been frogged. I don’t know why, since I like the yarn just fine. I would call it my Drawer of Shame, except that that name is already taken by my drawer full of cheap, scratchy acrylics, lol.