Michael's yarn

Can anyone save me a trip to the store? I need a skein of yarn for a Scooby Doo scarf I need to make. Does Michael’s carry a yarn in that kind of yellow-brown color? I have a brown but it’s an ash brown. I’m dreading a trip to the store for a yarn that doesn’t exist the temptation to buy other yarns is just too much. :teehee:

I think it probably varies by store, and I can’t say for sure if I have seen it or not, but they have a few brands that I think have the color you are looking for - lion brand, bernat, ect. Just be careful - they are having a sale:teehee:

Here’s a link to their yarns. I doubt this is all of their yarns, however, you may find something!


I have a love/hate relationship with Michaels!! On the whole I find that they do not carry anything useful and they are way overpriced…and somehow, I find myself back there week after week buying and impulse buying…

I find it repulsive, for a craft store, they do not carry plastic doll joints! Sorry…this is becoming a new rant.

I think you best bet would be to find a company they deal with, and see if the company carries that colour! Like Patons Astra or Red Heart…

Slightly off topic but, Scooby Doo scarf? My son is in the middle of a Scooby Doo obsession and I’m curious about what it is you are making? :aww: