Michaels sale

Michaels has Patons Classic Merino, Patons Shetland, and Lion Wool on sale this week!


Now which to make, Tubey or Cable Down Raglan? Or…maybe both?

Thanks! I haven’t actually checked out Michael’s as a source of yarn since I really got into knitting because I love Hobby Lobby…but does one have better or bigger selection than the other?

I think the selection is just different, not bigger. But it seems like Michael’s has been having better sales lately.

I’ve been ordering my yarn online lately, though. I’ve had a hard time finding sock yarn at the stores here. We don’t have an LYS dedicated to knitting/crocheting yarn.

I think it just depends. One of our Michael’s (a superstore) is great; the other, well, not so much. I personally don’t like our Hobby Lobby becuase the customer service there is SO BAD; but the one near my mother is just fine. I do like some of the Yarn Bee yarns though.

Make a Tubey!! I just finished mine. thread here :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Cool. When will you post a picture of the finished product? :cheering:

Hobby Lobby: They have lots of novelty yarns and pretty sportweight cotton (Sinfonia, which I think would make a lovely summer something-or-other). But…they have very few natural fiber yarns (just Lion Wool and Caron Felt-It).

Michaels: This is the place to get inexpensive wool, as they’re the only supplier of Patons yarn that I’ve seen in my city. They have more “plain” worsted wools and wool blends, but they also carry novelty yarns. Their website usually has a weekly 40% off coupon.

The only problem I have with Hobby Lobby is that they are closed on Sunday. That is their perogative, of course, but it’s also the only day I have off from work, so it really puts a crimp in my buying from them. :verysad:

Just hit them and Chick-fil-A on the same evening. :wink:

I like hitting Hobby Lobby at 7 PM on Sat. night (1 hour before closing here), because they are putting out next week’s sales priced items and they will give you both THIS week AND next week’s sale…then maybe, just MAYBE I won’t have to make a weekly trip!

As the Brits would say…not bloddy likely!!! :roflhard:

Just hit them and Chick-fil-A on the same evening. ;)[/quote]

Well, considering the closest one to me is approximately 70 miles, I think I’ll pass. :teehee:

My hobby lobby has two entire aisles of yarn while Michael’s has only one.

At hobby lobby almost one whole aisle is reserved for novelty yarns with about 1/4 of it baby yarns. The other aisle is the usual synthetic stuff.

At Michael’s one side of the aisle is all novelty and the other side is the usual synthetic stuffs.

of course both have their occasional natural fibers like some of the patons and some of the lions.

happily neither really has yarn i like much since i already have troubles not spending my entire paycheck in there without spending it on yarn too! :rofl: