Michael's Knitting Classes~

Well I went to hobby lobby ( my local hangout) and got into YET ANOTHER knitter conversation. I saw a lady there who was cleaning out the bernat cotton tots (like me) and I asked what she was making. Well after she told me I asked her about michaels. That is where I took my 1st( and 2nd) kniting class. Well last Saturday they had class for intermediate knititng ( striping, some simple cables et) and they had sock class for that sunday. Well, I mosyed on up to the counter and asked the clerk about both classes… they said noone had signed up and they were closed. THIS LADY said NOPE I was the only ONE in the class but MIchaels store policy states that as long as one person wants to leaarn the teacher comes… Now I have never been paid to teach kniting ( those who have… may have some input here ) but I WAS LITTLE MIFFED B/C I THINK THE CLERKS LIED TO ME~!! Now I dont know if it was ignorance or attitude but I coulda been taking the sock class last Sunday~!! :wall: :wall: :wall:

I’m confused. Were you at Hobby Lobby or Michaels?

Michaels policy is 2 per class unless it’s a specially sponsored class (Wilton & One Stroke I think are the only ones who take exception.) You must sign up 24 hours in advance and the class can be cancelled if there’s not enough signed up by that time. The instructor may have had other issues and had to cancel also.

I have no idea about Hobby Lobby except for their Wilton which requires 4 sign-ups.


Sorry ~ I was unclear… I was talking ABOUT michaels AT Hobby Lobby~

I actually was on both ends of the transaction within the space of 2 days at my LYS. I signed up to teach continental knitting and I signed up to learn crocheting for knitters. The teacher for the crocheting class canceled because I was the only one who signed up. (I’m not really mad because I happen to know he would probably teach me for free at the regular knitting night at the store). But I figured as far as teaching went I had made a commitment and so I went with only one person signed up for my class. We actually had two people when I arrived. I thought the class was a success and Iwas glad I had taught it.