Michaels Clearance

Not sure how many of them were doing it, but I went into mine today and came home with 2 of the BIG 12 oz skiens of Sugar n Cream for 2 bucks each.

And there was alot of other yarn on the clearance rack too…some Caron, etc…each store might be differnt though.

My Michaels finally got the bamboo, and alpaca…

Its 85% acrylic with 15 % alpaca. Or somewhere close to those numbers.

still waiting for mine to get bamboo, I really want to try it.

I saw the new bamboos; alpaca; etc at my Michael’s- they were ok, but I wasn’t blown away. As PaperGirl notes, they are both blended with a lot of acrylic. I may buy a skein or two just to support the new lines and see how they work out.

I was interested to see that they have drastically reduced the amount of “novelty” yarns in the aisles and have a lot more wool, and “nicer” acrylics. (i.e. lots of Vanna’s yarn, not much Red Heart). All the furry stuff was on clearance, and stuck in a corner.

Thanks - I bought 3 giant skeins. Now, what to do with all this cotton? Baby kimonos from Mason Dixon, dishcloths for everyone! JoAnn’s has some new Moda Dea yarn that is a wool/silk blend. It looks pretty, feels soft, but I managed to restrain myself from buying until it goes on super-sale.