Hi, I love the mice patterns in Designs for Kids: Hand Knits and Things by Lucinda Guy

I wondered if anyone had a similar pattern, as I don’t own the book.

Omigosh…those are so cute! The patterns are also apparently in this book which appears to be the same thing except renamed??

My library system has it so maybe you can get it that way.

This one is a little different, but I love this pattern.

The lion yarn mouse is really sweet! I think a trip to the library might be in order! I also found this fox by Lucinda Guy
who is lovely!! :inlove:

He’s cute, but looks more like a rat to me… must be the lack of fur and bushy tail. :wink:

I order my library books online and have them shipped to my local library. They pull the books from around the entire county so it’s much easier to get what you want. One library just can’t have them all. You might see if that’s possible for you if it’s not locally available.

ETA: I just checked mine…the county has 3 copies none of which are available locally. It happens a lot. :wink:

Alan Dart has some really cool mice. Check out his patterns on his website. A lot of the patterns are available as downloads and are quite reasonable. http://www.alandart.co.uk/

Here is the link for his mice pattern http://www.alandart.co.uk/products/product/29

amazing pattern the cats are nice, look quite hard. I might have a go when I’m more advanced in knitting.

Alan Dart has some great patterns although I haven’t gotten any yet. :thumbsup: