Mice for cats?

Odd question, but does anyone have a pattern for those tiny catnip mice or do you just knit a scrap, stuff catnip and cotton, glue eyes, and sew in tail? :slight_smile:


“Stitch 'n Bitch Nation” by Debbie Stroller has a pattern for one.

This one resembles the Stitch n’ Bitch one.

You ae not going to believe this but my cat is named Spooky… :shock:

Thank you, I’ll go look!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitty’s name !!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


There are a few scattered through these.

Spooky, the Humane Society gets the credit for the name, but she’s a black kitty, just like your avatar. :smiley: We all love the name though! :heart:

Ingrid, you’re everywhere. :cheering: I can’t believe you have over 4000 posts and you joined a few months ago. You deserve some sort of prize!! Silver knitting needles?

Is it just me or are the instructions for the mice really difficult for a beginner? They look very complicated! :??

Yeah, it’s my home-within-a-home, I guess. The mouse that Spooky posted is really just a lot of increases then decreases. It is felted later–good to keep the catnip in.

I’ve never even heard of felting! :shock: My next project was going to be a few dish rags and practice increasing and decreasing.

Would you have any suggestions for a second project? My first is the scarf, and it seems to be coming along okay. I’ve done 13.5 inches and have 38.5 left to go!

You know how when you put a wool sweater in the washing machine and goes in women’s size 10 and comes out toddler size 2? That’s felting.

Knitted washclothes are an excellent way to practice. You get to do all the basics, plus switch back and forth from k to p, and it gets done quickly. In fact, if you get tired of the scarf, take a break with a quick project, and the scarf won’t seem as long anymore.

So what is felting, exactly? Do you wash your project to felt it?

Ha ha! You just gave me a visual that I’ll knit a washcloth and my scarf will have shrunk to 2 inches. :smiley: What’s that? Oh, use different yarn… :doh:

I was going to make that catnip “eggroll” it’s called but then I figured I could just use one of those left behind single socks (coz the other one has run away), just stuff the sock and tie it up and save myself a lot of trouble. :shock: But, they are cute. !

Hey when I make catnip mice I never felt em. what i do is stop by the local SEARS shoe department and ask if I can have some of their free socks people use to try shoes on with ( you know those little hose looking things in a box near the register ). then i shove it full of catnip, tie a knot in it and sew the mousey up. I don’t know how to felt so that’s my way hehe… hope your little mice turn out well ! :thumbsup: