- MIA, can knit again

Hi all, I’ve been really MIA.

Since I got pregnant I haven’t been able to knit. I was have carpal tunnel-esque symptoms. Dr. said it was due to swelling, and was common, although apparently I got it early.

For the past two weeks I haven’t had that problem, and I can finally knit. The first time in about 4 1/2 months.

Today I’m 5 1/2 months, so I have a little time to make something for the baby, even if it’s just booties. Because I’ve got a ton of stuff to do, but I want to make something.

I haven’t been here, cause I missed knitting so much, it was kind of torturous to see knit/yarn talk and not be able to participate.

WELCOME BACK! You have plenty of time to get some baby stuff done!

Welcome back! Just be careful you don’t over do it! You have lots of time to make things for the little one!

:cheering: Glad to have you back!

hi hi! :cheering: Welcome back, Letah! :hug:

I’m glad to hear you are able to enjoy your knitting hobby again. You should have plenty of time to knit some things for the baby unless you have kids at home already, that will slow you down. Take it easy and show us what you make.

Welcome back :slight_smile: Nice to hear you can knit again. I’m pregnant too, roughly as far along as you are (I’m counting in weeks not months and my brain can’t compute at the moment!)

A nice quick pattern I have enjoyed making is ‘Grandmother’s Favorite Baby Bib’ --> http://nekkidknitter.blogspot.com/2007/03/catching-up.html

I think I’ll be making a few of those :mrgreen:

I have been knitting baby sweaters since February when we first started thinking about getting pregnant. It took us about 4 months before it acually happened, so there are all sorts of things waiting patiently in a drawer. I am only 13 1/2 weeks along so still don’t know what we are having but I have all the bases covered. Hopefully I will be able to knit all the way through.
Good Luck to you hopefully you will be able to continue to knit. Baby stuff knits up very quickly so you should be able to have a few things done in time. And don’t forget, they grow fast so you can knit after you have the baby.

Welcome back!

Glad to see you here. I was wondering about you. Do you know it the baby is a boy or a girl yet??

Welcome back, and congratulations on the new family member :cheering:

Welcome back! We’ve missed you! :hug:

Congrats to all of the others who are expecting too. :muah:

Thanks for all the welcome backs!

Here is a link to my online wedding album, wedding. We got married May 31, 2008, and it was a blast. I married my best friend, and we’ve known each other since he was 10 (and moved to the States from Belize) and I was 9.

The baby is due Jan. 20th (so I’m 22 weeks along) and we have an 80% chance of having (per the dr) a girl. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the other pregnant women. Wow that is really cool that there are other expectant mothers around!:woot:

Welcome back! I saw your pictures a while back and you both looked lovely!!! Congratulations on the pregnancy :hug: I’m sure you still have plenty of time to knit baby stuff, besides you’re going to need some warm clothes right away, since you have a winter baby:cheering:

Ooh our dues dates are only five days apart :slight_smile: There’s a thread for people expecting in January on the ‘Knocked up Knitters’ board on Ravelry :slight_smile:

Glad you’re able to enjoy knitting once again. Welcome back!

Oh, cool! You know I haven’t been on Ravelry much either. The pain of seeing all those beautiful FO’s was too much! :slight_smile:

I’ve been on the whattoexpect.com website a lot lately. he he. I’m baby obsessed. But now I can share time with my knitting obsession! Woo Hoo. What’s your due date?

My due date is the 25th Jan :slight_smile:

Oh we are close. DH wants me to wait until Feb. 1st to have the baby since that is his b-day. I want baby to come on the 20th though as that is regime change day for the USA.:cheering:

Well you know it’s up to the baby really :wink: But there’s things you can try to get it moving when the time comes!