MI Sheep & Wool Festival

So this isn’t for a couple weeks… but I know some Michiganders are on here! So who’s going to the Fiber Festival in Romeo on Sept 23 & 24th? I’m planning on going and thinking about taking the spinning class! :happydance:


All I have to say is, if you don’t have enough time and money for knitting, stay away from the spinning. :fingerwag:

well, I will just have to find a way to quit my day job! :roflhard:

Sounds like fun!

I’ll be in Romeo too! My mom and I are going to stay in Imlay City. I’m going to take the spinning class too. Do you know if we’re supposed to call to reserve spots? This will be my first fiber anything, aside from hearing the Yarn Harlot speak in Ann Arbor in July.

When I went to their spring fiber fest you didn’t have to call to reserve spots, but I don’t think nearly as many people come to that one as it’s done on a much smaller scale. So I guess if you definitely want to take the spinning class then preregistration and prepayment is best! What day are you going Knittens? I think I will only be there Sunday since on Saturday I have to do some family thing with my in-laws. :roll: I reeeeally hope I can take the class, but I’m not sure how the money situation will be so I can’t preregister. :pout:

I’ll be there both days. I’m going to call tomorrow to reserve my spot! I cannot wait.

Maybe I will see you there!

I just was at Mt. Bruce station at the MI fiberfest. Holy crap. I love it! I am so coming back next year. I’ve decided that I’m going to get a wheel. And fiber people are so much fun. Today I was wearing a red t-shirt with ‘Coldwater Band’ on the front and my name on the back. You may have seen me. I’ll be going back tomorrow to talk to the people from Sherwood. (I’m going to get spinning lessons) So. Much. Fun.

I love that place too! It always makes me wish I could live out in the country and farm. :rofl: Since right now money is really tight I’ve decided I can’t get into spinning yet since we can’t afford for me to have another addiction. :teehee: :pout: But there were soooo many beautiful rovings that I wanted, even though I can’t spin!! I was in love with some of the colorways that Jehovah Jireh Farm had. They were in that Garden Shed. oh, and maybe you saw me too… I was wearing a shirt that said “Just because I’m tattooed doesn’t mean I have hepatitis” and carrying around a leather jacket. I’m just so glad it didn’t rain like it was supposed to!

I got there really early yesterday and only some vendors and a few people, maybe twelve, were there. All I could do was “Think of England.” I’ve never been there, but that’s how I imagine the countryside to be. The whole drive down Bordman road was like ‘I want to live here. I must live here.’ I’m going to the wood-carving class at 1:30 today so I’m just going to wander around some more. And I’m broke after buying a ball of Trekking XXL, 8 oz. of surprise roving, two thrummed mitten kits, and being in two classes. Hopefully, I can get my mom to offer up a few more dollars so I can get one of those beautifully handmade brooms.

I got there at I think 11:30ish? I went there before for their Spring festival which is much smaller, but still quite beautiful. The wood carving class looked fun! I wanted to take that one, and the spinning, and the dyeing one. Too broke… sniff I was sooo tempted to buy one of the thrummed mitten kits too! I’ve been planning to make some for myself for some time now. But all the colors they had were too neutral for me… I’m planning on making mine in black with bright blue roving.

Those brooms were sooo neat. My hubby’s grandfather made brooms, so it really reminded me of his family. Sadly, they only have 1 left that he made and he has since passed.