Method to use?

This is for a basket-weave baby blanket I am going to attempt. The first six rows are a seed stitch. What is a best cast-on method to use? Long-tail or single?


I always use long tail.

ah, i see

Long Tail is usually less stretchy. Knitted cast on is stretchier, and there’s no tail to worry about. I am usually lazy though and I’ll use long tail, and if I run out of tail, I’ll knit on the rest. For a blanket, I guess it wouldn’t really matter. Although, I’ve seen a basketweave pattern and it looks like a simple offset rib, so I would suggest a alternate cable cast on (alternating 3 purl with 3 knit, or however your pattern repeats go) which is flexible, but not terrible stretchy or too tight.

It’s all a matter of how pretty you want it to be down to the details. Other than that, it’s just personal preference for a blanket. I like blankets to be equally stretchy all around if it’s knit. Long tail would be too tight and rigid for that, in my taste.

I almost always use long tail and I find it very stretchy. :shrug:

I think I cast on somewhat tightly, so maybe that’s why? And also I have used several cast on methods, and they all vary in stretchiness so far.

I am a new knitter and this blanket will be for my 5-mth old DS. What is / how do you do an [color=red]alternate cable cast on[/color]?

I got this from the “Basic Techniques” tab > Cast on (it’s the bottom video link)

Start with a slip knot. Knit into the slip knot, leaving the stitch on the left needle. Place the new stitch on left needle by slipping it knit-wise. Then *Purl into space between last two stitches. Place stitch on left needle by slipping knit wise. Knit into space between last two stitches. Place on left needle by slipping knit wise. Repeat from *, ending with the knit stitch, so there’s an even number of stitches (including the slip knot). k1, p1 on the following rows for ribbing.

I like it and it’s pretty easy to follow with the video.

Thank you :hug:

You’re welcome! Just remember to follow the knit and purls of the basketweave as you are doing the cast on, like if your pattern is knit 3, purl 3, then you would purl 3, knit 3 as you cast on (because when you turn the work around, it will be the opposite). Does that make sense? It’s late and my mind is bumbling.

My pattern starts with seed stitch for the first six rows. Should I to seed stitch cast on for a total of 7 rows?