Metal Needles

I’m pretty new to knitting and I still haven’t found a preference of needles (though I know some are good for some yarns and not others etc), so I have been trying out everything.

I found myself at a thrift shop that was selling mismatched needles. Both were size 10.5 but one was aluminum and one was straight shiny metal. I REALLY love the feel of the shiny metal and would like a pair.

Where can I get nice metal ones? They are kind of heavy-ish and clearly old (from the font on them), but no brand name.

I was look at addi needles…are they more like aluminum or metal? Are there any other brands I should look at?


You’re talking about straight needles not circular I’m assuming…?

I prefer getting straight, just because I want to get a set of circulars one day, when I can, so I don’t want to get a bunch of circulars now just to rebuy them in a few months.

Metal needles are aluminum or stainless steel, though I’m not sure many are being made in the steel in larger sizes because they’re so heavy. I think HiyaHiya makes straight needles and they’re steel. You can check ebay for used addis or other metal needles.

You can buy inexpensive metal needles at Joann’s. Patternworks website ( has a large selection of needles, both metal and wood in all sizes, both straights and circulars. KnitPicks has both metal nickel plated and wooden ones. (} I learned to knit on metal needles years ago but now I prefer the wooden ones because they are lighter. Still have lots of metal ones but am gradually changing over. Some of those were Boye and Susan Bates needles and are very durable. I like Clover Bamboo now and also Brittany Birch since I have arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Thank you very much!

My metal needles of choice are Knit Picks Options - but they are circular, which is pretty much all I use. I really haven’t seen (which could be because I haven’t looked) nice metal straights.

Susan Bates made a line called “quicksilver.” That might be what you have. I use steel HiyaHiya needles. They have a similar feel.

Addi has straight needles, but they are not cheap. They go for about $15 a set. But they are smooth!

It seems that most people are using circulars, not straights anymore. Usually I can find the circulars in steel but not the straights. Esp in real-life stores.

Straight needles cause my hands to ache…I’m gonna try Options soon.

I’ve seen straight needles in Joanns I think…and I think they were metal. I hate them though so I don’t really spend much time in that section. :teehee: