Met A Trucker Who Crochets

i love it! i teach knitting at work on fridays and it’s really fun to see how much more enthusiastic the guy knitters are. they are a lot more outgoing with trying new projects. i have one right now that started a new scarf and is working a cool geometric diamond pattern in there…just came up with it over the weekend. i wouldn’t have ever thought to do that!

i’m curious to hear what project the crocheting trucker is working on. i love crocheting and need some new projects!

Giggling We have a Flying J just off of I-94 too here in Fargo ND… small world!

Flying J is my favorite chain of truck stops!


That’s really cool. I have never met another man that knits.

She has this sort of deer in the headlights look as she glanced back and forth between myself and the other driver as if she had just stepped into the Twilight Zone.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Some people just don’t understand!

Wow! What a discovery! :teehee:
Maybe you can introduce this forum to the trucker who crochets then? :rofl:

She has this sort of deer in the headlights look as she glanced back and forth between myself and the other driver as if she had just stepped into the Twilight Zone.

What does she mean guys can’t knit or crochet? :roflhard: We’ve got many amazing guy knitters here in this forum! :teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
Ooooo I would’ve loved to be a fly on that wall!!!

you have the entire british naval tradition backing you up.
he has… his grandma?

just kidding!

I’m really curious to find out what he’s up to though!
& what are you doing?

Mason~ that is just too funny for words~ I bet she went home with that story to her significant other and had that same deer in the headlights look on her face then too~! :teehee:
BTW : I think it’s awesome that you found a “fiber arts” buddy. Now you two can swap stitches and tips to each other. Now you can really raise some eybrows( not that you care~) at the truckstop.
I think it’s sooooo cool that you big, burly guys can do that publicly… and because of your size everyone thinks twice to say what they’re thinking out loud~!! :teehee: :teehee:


Mason, what a great story !!

I’m anxious to hear about your morning meeting.


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I’m female and I used to be a contractor/tradesman, was helping the boss on his house when he didn’t have paid work to do, but often he did - we would take unassembled lockers on site, assemble them, rivet them together, and then attach them to the walls/floors. I really miss my toolbelt.
One night we were installing lockers at a Les mills gym in Wellington, other tradesmen from different areas were were working at the same time. I didn’t pay much attention to the other workers, but I did remember that the tilers were foreigners and wearing turbans later, when Pete said ‘Those tilers are Muslim or something, they’ve been giving you funny looks, I don’t think they approve of a girl working.’

Long after I moved away, he told me that he’d run into a sparky or chippy he’d met before from time to time on another job, and sometimes one of them would ask 'What happened to that girl you were working with?'
He’d tell them ‘My wife won’t let me work with her any more.’


That’s pretty funny Sarah. Some people have some very narrow minds about the world. It’s good to expand them a bit.

It looks like the crochet guy over slept this morning or had to leave early for some reason. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll run into him again someplace.

It wouldn’t have done any good to give him the addy for this site as he’s a self-professed computer illiterate and doesn’t own one. Hard to imagine in this day and age but there are still people like that out here.

You were close. I’m at the TA next door.

hi, I think it is great that you knit, I have a brother in law who also knits, and I hate to admit it but, he knits a lot better than I do, and tends to tackle more complicated patterns as well, no fear, the only time he said he felt a little awkward about it was once on a plane…the stares, but he has knitted on and I am so glad he has, he has made me some wonderful things and he always picks the nicest wool…maybe you could start a knittinggroup for men only , call it knitting with balls , and carry on

aww sorry you two didn’t get to meet this morning… maybe another time… I think its wonderful that you two were able to share a conversation about it… :happydance:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: …that was so funny …knitting is for everybody… there are some women who are plumbers and carpenter too u know !

Yesterday I was working on the Corset-T for my daughter. She had some friends over for her birthday and one boy (12 years old) came up and said he was surprised that I knit (I get that a lot for some reason. Apparently I don’t look like a knitter or something). He then told me that he crochets. His grandma taught him how. Every now and then he’d come over and touch my work. Maybe I should offer to teach him to knit. :teehee:

I am married to a bearded guy who loves to sew. That always surprises people too!

We bearded blokes are full of surprises :rofl:

Thanks for the laugh!

We all can be accused of having preconceptions though! I just hope that I have the grace to change my views!

Mason- ever been by the Mack/Volvo plant on I-81 in Virginia?? If you’re ever going to stop near there- let me know!! I live about five minutes from there :slight_smile: