Met A Trucker Who Crochets

I had an interesting conversation over dinner inside the truck stop here in Lake Station, IN. A driver seated a few seats down from me at the counter was busily working on something in a notebook. I had noticed it but as is usual for me I minded my own business. I did hear the waitress, excuse me…server, ask him what he was working on. He said that he was working out a crochet pattern for his next project. My ears perked up a bit at that.

I asked him what sort of crochet pattern he was working on and told him that I knit. The waitress, excuse me…server, gave us both an incredulous look and asked me if I was serious about the fact that I knit. I replied that I was indeed serious and that I found it quite relaxing. She has this sort of deer in the headlights look as she glanced back and forth between myself and the other driver as if she had just stepped into the Twilight Zone.

The other driver and I had a good conversation comparing and contrasting knitting vs crochet, different yarns, needles, and the like. He said that he had been doing crochet since he was about 8 years old and is now 50. I was impressed with his knowledge. He also said that he had always wanted to learn knitting, which I encouraged him to do. We agreed to carry our current projects in with us in the morning for coffee so we could see what the other was doing.

I was quite amused by the reaction of the waitress, excuse me…server. I don’t think she quite knew what to think at that point to see these two bearded, rough looking truckers talking about knitting and crochet. It was quite amusing.


That sounds awesome.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall…

Mason, you crack me up. I even read your posts aloud to my dh! I can only imagine what the waitress,…excuse me, server thought!!!

OOOH You and he can have a KIP (or CIP for him) tomorrow at coffee! That will really get them wondering. :hug:

:rofl: That’s just awesome!

I can just picture that waitress, excuse me…server with that caught in the headlights look! :teehee: I think it’s absolutely awesome that both you and the crocheting trucker feel good enough about yourselves to let it be known that you knit and crochet. I imagine in your profession that it’s a pretty rare occurance though. I hope he learns to knit, too! :cheering:

Thanks Cristy. A little amusement is a good thing.

The whole thing was pretty funny. There were other truckers sitting around the counter too and a couple of the younger ones looked at us kinda funny but kept their mouths shut as both of us are fairly large guys. I’m sure they thought we were a couple of gay guys or something (which I find even more incredibly funny). You have to understand that the trucking business is definitely not a gay friendly industry and many truckers are homophobic to the extreme. I’m straight but have more of a live and let live attitude about the whole thing. None of my business really.

The older, more experienced ones just took it all in without any surprise at all. Many of us have hobbies that we carry around with us.

:rofl: I wish I was there!

That’s the thing I’ve never understood. Why hide who you are and the things you enjoy just because someone else may not understand? It’s dumb in my opinion but I know not everyone is as self-confident as myself. (Or as some people have called it, arrogant). I simply don’t care if someone likes it, doesn’t like it, or completely flips out about it. Well, ok, the flipping out part could be amusing to watch.

I agree! :roflhard:

Now see, this is the world I like to envision. Knitting and crocheting truckers, in unity. It’s beautiful wipes tear from corner of eye, hands tissue to waitress, excuse me . . . server

I love it.

I hope you write a post about how the waitress, excuse me… server reacts in the morning when you both bring your projects!

I knit and crochet so I would have loved to have heard your conversation.

I work with all guys and I always get good comments about the things I make. Seems like most men have always been in awe of how difficult some things look and I’m serious when I say that they really do have a good appreciation of this craft.

Well, that’s been my experience. :thumbsup:

Pink Roses, I have to second that. When I knit at work, I often get male co-workers looking at it, even touching the project and asking questions about how to do it, I have had a few that wanted to try.

I often carry 2 projects, usually socks and something plain like a scarf, so I usually hand the person the scarf and offer assistance.
I like how the guys just get in there and try it. I have one guy who sits beside me who last week bought himself some needles and 2 balls of yarn and started knitting a scarf also. It was nice to see someone else who benefited from the relaxing quality of it. Unfortunately where I work, its very high stress all the time, so knitting tends to distract me from it.

Mason, you do realize the need to give him this website don’t you? We could encourage him as he starts to learn… heck… you might even start a knitting truckers s & b… right on !
I love it when the unusual happens and it isn’t that unusaual at all!

:cheering: :roflhard:

That is totally cool!
I bring a small project with me whenever I can and one time when I got my oil changed I sat and knit. All the mechanics (men) came by in the course of their duties and they all asked "what’cha makin " etc… I find it quite nice when a fella notices what a girl is doing…
Funny, would a waiter, excuse me…server, notice or care if two women were discussing car parts?
The world needs more folk like you and this other fella Mason!

P.S. reminded me of a lovely fellow my dad had when he was in the hospital. he and his daughter were avid cross stitchers and the mrs. crocheted. he was working on a very complex project of a wolf’s portrait in a wintery scene. He said he did that to keep his hands and mind limber and busy. he was only dad’s roomie for a couple weeks but several months later after my dad passed on, this kind man came to his funeral and gave me a now cherished poem on a card that he got at a memorial for his wife (she passed away suddenly after he left the hospital). having a talent like crafting, art, what have you really makes for some fine folk! :heart:

I can picture it Mason … :teehee:

My girlfriend who is an OR nurse and a knitter for years told me recently that one of the surgeons she works with knits … brings his bag to work and on lunch hour or if on call while waiting for cases, he brings out his projects … knitting along with the other women in the OR … and this is a BIG burly man too!


Funny story about the waitress…um…server :teehee: …knitting guy.

My attention perked actually when you said Lake Station, IN. I grew up in Portage, IN…which is right next to Lake Station. And I’m betting that I know exactly which truck stop you were in. My guess would be the Flying J truck stop off of I-94. I’ve been in there lots of times.

:teehee: We have a Flying J just off of I-94 too here in Fargo ND… small world!