Met A Couple Of Fellow Fiber Artists Last Night

Yesterday I stopped in Nashville to spend the night there. I walked across the river into the downtown area and accidentally walked into a little sports bar right on the riverfront to watch the Gators slaughter GA. Oddly enough it’s named the Riverfront Tavern.

The bartender was checking out the Palindrome Scarf I am working on and told me she does crochet. Cool. A guy sitting at the bar told me that he used to crochet but hasn’t done it in a while and thought maybe he’d take it up again because it’s so relaxing.

Later on a young lady came in and immediately zeroed in on my knitting. She knits, sews, and crochets. I chatted with her and, after he arrived, her husband. Very nice folks and we had a very enjoyable evening. They had offered to give me a ride back to my truck but as it was a pleasant evening I decided to walk back instead.

The young lady has visited KH a few times to view Amy’s videos. She didn’t even know about the forums but after I told her about them and how great the people are here she said she would sign up.

Very cool


You run into the most interesting people. And then tell us about them. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Our very own Good Will Ambassador of Knitting!

I love that you document these encounters for us! Thank you for allowing us a little slice of your life.

Full melt hash

How cool! You have such fun when you accidentally walk into bars :teehee:

I’m glad you take the the time to tell us about them, it’s almost like getting to meet them ourselves :thumbsup:

You should be the Honorary Ambassador for KnittingHelp… and for knitters everywhere. :notworthy:

…or maybe I’m just too chatty in the bars :rofl:

Somehow I doubt that…:happydance:

Cool, you have the greatest stories, Mason.

Yep, would make a great book (hint, hint) :out:

Nice experience, Mason! Sounds like a real nice evening on the road!

Thanks! :thumbsup:

That’s cool, Mason! It’s amazing how many guys you come across who said they ‘used to knit/crochet’ and might take it up again. I hope they do. The world needs more knitters and especially knitting and crocheting truckers! :yay:

Cool! I hope they do visit us! Be sure to post pics when you’re done with your scarf. You can’t be all that scary since folks don’t seen to hesitate to talk to you!

Day-amn, dude, you were only an hour from here!

The Nashville area (and anywhere within about 2-3 hour drive) is still a fairly rural area where older skills are truly valued. When I went to a very busy OB/GYN office in Clarksville last year there were 3 of us working away on our projects; recently, a woman sitting next to me pulled a tatting shuttle out of an Altoids tin and began working away. At least 3 of my coworkers at a very small hospital in Russelville (the building is only one story high, and on Sunday we had only 15 patients on the main floor, with a couple-three more back in the 6-bed ICU) are fiber artists.

The county I live in is so rural that we only have 1 stoplight (that’s for the WHOLE county) and the 2 biggest yearly events are the Harvest Festival in fall and Tractor Day in early spring–when the high schoolers are allowed to drive the family tractor to school!