Messy edge on my scarf

Hi everyone,
So, I’m trying to make a scarf. I’ve made a few in the past but this one is different because it has a cable knit design. I already made a hat with the design and now i want to make a matching scarf. One of the edged looks messy and lose. It really bothers me. I’ve tried tightening and that doesn’t work for me. I am trying the slip method and it seems to be much better, but it still doesn’t match the other edge and it really really bothers me. I slip the first stitch and then when its at the end I work it. Is there anything else I can do for this problem?


What I do, since slipping the st doesn’t work for me, is knit or purl the first st, then pull the yarn, knit the next couple sts tighter and do the rest of the row with normal tension. Another thing to try is slipping the [I]last[/I] stitch purlwise, and knit or purl the first st whatever the pattern is; that can be better than slipping the first stitch. And usually blocking or washing helps even out the stitches.

I slip the first stitch [U]as if to purl[/U] with yarn in front and knit the last stitch. It comes out looking the same on both sides.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try both ways!

I really appreciate the help!