Messed UP!

:knitting: Knitted a stcokingette stitch scarf in Vanna’s ‘colors’ acrylic. Tried to press out the curl, flattened the area I pressed. YIKES! Is there anyway to fix the flat? If I washed it, would that work? Help, Christmas is 4 weeks away.

Nope, stockinette curls, period. It’s always a good idea to wash your item, that evens out the sts and VC does very well in the washer and dryer. But that won’t flatten the curling. Even steaming doesn’t completely make it lie flat. If you do a few rows of garter st at the start and end, and the same number of stitches (5 rows/5 sts) at the beg and end of the rows in garter that can help a lot. You could do sc around the edges or pick up sts and knit a few rows of garter but that may not flatten it completely.

Flattened? As in melted? or just relaxed to submission?

As suzeeq said, stockinette curls. If the fabric isn’t damaged by the heat, then washing it should return it to it’s original (curly) shape. Then you can add an edging.

Or give a curly scarf–that is an option.

Oh I missed the part where you ironed it… not a good idea to do that to acrylic. The area you did that to may not come back, but go ahead and wash it and see how it looks.

Vanna’s Choice is an acrylic yarn. Acrylics should never be ironed. They will melt. It is okay to hold the iron over the work and steam it, but don’t touch the iron on the knitting.