Messed up!

I have gone 18 rows x3 and I looked at it and realized that the last 5 or 6 rows are backwards!!!:waah:
All I knew to do was undo until the last good row, before I realized that I wouldn’t have any friggin idea what row I was on!!!

On my right side, there are the dashes, how can I count them and know what row I am on?

It’s ruined! now I have a dropped stitch and I can’t find it!! OMG I am so mad!!!

So sorry
now take a deep breath and put it away till tomorrow and come back to it with a fresh mind.

I found the dropped stitch and pulled it back through.:woot:
Now, how do I figure out what row I’m on? Do I count the dashes up?

Glad you found your stitch.

Is there any way you can post the pattern here (is it free on the web somewhere?)? How many rows repeat is the sttich pattern? Can you show us a photo of what it looks like now? At least tell us what the project is and what point you are in it? too many questions, I know - I just feel like maybe someone can help if we can see it.

Too late. I kept going and realized that somehow, all the stitches were to same and backwards. How that happened, I don’t know, but, I will restart tomorrow.:thumbsup:

good job that you picked the stitch up! :woohoo:
have fun knitting! :knitting: