Messed up

I’m making the anthropologie-inspired capelet for my niece for Christmas and I just noticed a mistake along one of the sleeve increases, I think maybe I didn’t increase once, I’m not sure. Anyways, its alot of rows back and and I don’t want to frog it. It’s in the back. Is there anyway to fix this without frogging so much?

If your sleeve stitches don’t have the same number, then you could sneak another stitch in on that one. Probably in the middle of the row, using a M1 increase. Though if you’re using the YO increases along the raglan shaping, you should probably look to see where/if you missed one and if it will be noticeable.

You’re right, I missed one of the YO increases along the raglan shaping, so it’s a little lopsided, not straight like the other increases.

If it’s not too far back you can pick up a thread where it’s supposed to be and fix it like a dropped stitch.

Well, I tried but couldn’t fix it and I don’t want to gift it the way it was so I frogged it. (argh, I can just hear my sister asking why that part looks different!) Appreciate the help though, thanks.