Messed up the pattern, any way to fix?

I’m a fairly new knitter, only a month or two of actual practice. I’m working on a project; Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas…

All was going well until I had forgotten whether I was on a K or a P row, now the St st is backwards. Is there a way to fix this without frogging, or should I just continue the pattern the right way and not worry about it?

Well, since it’s a ghost dog, perhaps you could consider it a little texture in the dog’s coat? You could go back to correct stockinette and consider it a feature. Perhaps repeat the error after a few rows.

Just remember in the future to look at the row you’ve just done and look for Vs for a knit row and loops on the purl side.

Rather than looking at the row you just finished, look at the sts on the L needle of the row you’re about to start. If they look like bumps, purl them, if they look like Vs, knit them.

I continued with it, and I most certainly don’t regret it :slight_smile:

If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was supposed to have the extra band.

When I look at my sts, I always end up confusing myself :teehee: Am I supposed to be looking with the work on the left or right side of the needle?

Edit to add: The next portion of the project is his head

  1. Kfb all stitches (4sts)
  2. purl
  3. kfb all stitches (8 sts)
  4. Purl
  5. St-st for 18 rows"

To confirm: The St st will start as a K row, correct?

You can call it a ‘design’ feature. No one but you will know it wasn’t supposed to have purl ridges.

Whether the work is on the right or left needle doesn’t tell you anything, as you switch them back and forth. The Right Side/RS of your work is the side that’s worn out; the Wrong Side/WS is the one that’s facing the body when worn. Stockinette st has all the knits on the RS and they’re smooth; the WS has the purls and they’re bumpy. Look at the picture in this post, it shows which are purls and which are knits.

Stockinette st can start with either a knit or a purl row, whichever row is next. in the rows that you posted, the even rows are purls and will be the WS.

We won’t tell. No knitting police here.