Messed up somewhere, need to know where!

I’ve been working SO HARD on this pattern:

And am pretty sure I messed it up big time :frowning: Can anyone maybe see where I went wrong? I think it might’ve been when it said to divide the pattern 19st in from each side (the 2 orange paperclips are my st markers and the purple needle on the left is the point I got to where it says to divide the pattern at the 2 st markers)…is where I’m at now beyond repair? Help please :frowning:

Here’s how it would be once assembled possibly? Does this look right?

I feel like this gap part here is wrong

Never beyond repair. This is going to be adorable!
You want to divide at the marked sts and continue to work on the back. It looks like you may have done that and cast off for the neck in the back? What I don’t see are the newly cast on sts which will form the sleeves. You should have extensions of the back on each tide, sort of forming a T.
Did you do that and are the newly cast on sts loose enough or are they puckering the sleeve at the underarm?