Messed up on to fix

I started making the diagonal blanket pattern off the Country Loom yarn that is available at Michaels. Somewhere along the way I got WAY off in the pattern and instead of it being 5x5 it is now 5x12!! I had planned to give this to my mom for her birthday in a month…and don’t really want to take out 6 months worth of work. What is the easiest way I can make it 5x5 with scissors (shudder) and reseaming the edge? I have never attempted this before and decided to come to the experts of knitting. Any advice is MAJORLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

5 inches by 12 inches? Is it knit? Can you share a link please?

I don’t think there is any choice, but to rip it out though. :?? Tell us more info and we’ll let you know.

Yes, it’s a little difficult to picture this. I assume that since this was knit on the diagonal, you can’t rip out in the long direction without losing width. Do you pretty much have a rectangle? Whay not go with the size that you have?
Alternatively you could treat it like a steek and use a sewing machine to stitch along either side of the line where you’d like to cut. Sew over these two lines with the machine set on tiny sts (you can also do this by hand) and then cut between the two lines. That’ll give you two throws. You could stitch a binding or edging over the sewn line and around the other 3 sides.
Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure your mom will love it.

You could take it out until it’s a bit less than the length you want, then do the decreases to finish it off. It won’t take very long to do the decrease section, it was knitting it to 12 (feet?) that took all the time.