Messed up cables?!

Hello! I’ve been knitting for about two to three months now, and I’ve decided to attempt cabling for the first time with the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern from

HOWEVER! I thought everything was going well, until I realized my cables don’t look like the picture (with the exception of one).

Please help, and tell me what I’m doing wrong!! :woohoo:

A picture has been provided :).

I can’t tell for sure, but I think you may have twisted the stitches that were being held on the cable needle.

You should slip them as if to purl with the left tip, and then knit them from the right tip.

Actually, I think they look kind of cool! (Except for that rogue one in the middle. ; )

It looks like you somehow twisted the sts that were crossed over. You slip 3 to the cable needle, let them flop over to the the front, k the 3 on the L needle, then knit the 3 off the cable needle in the same order they are on the cable needle.

Thank you guys so much for helping me out! I’ll definitely try to fix it on the next project, but I think it would look odd if I tried to correct it now. Hopefully the friend I’m making it for will still like it! :slight_smile:

Ah what you have is a random design feature. You will find that they find their way in to knitting projects and often results in a finished project that is nicer than to original plan.