Message from Limey - computer burnout

Limey sent me an email today asking that I post this for her. :slight_smile:

Dear Guinea Pigs

I really am extremely sorry I haven’t got back to you yet about the survey results - my computer has been acting up for a while but last weekend it finally died. The firm that fixes it for me said that the ‘Mother Board’ and ‘Processor’ had burned out and they would have to get new parts and mainly re-build the beggar.

I’ve managed to borrow this machine for a few minutes and contacted KnitAddict who has kindly posted this message for me. I should be back to ‘normal’ early part of next week. It’s very odd not being able to dip into the site now and again and see what you’re all doing.

Meantime, take care and I’ll get back to you as soon as. Once again, my sincere apologies.

Best Wishes