Merry christmas!

[color=red][b][i][size=6][/size][color=red][/color]MERRY MERRY


                                 MERRY MERRY   CHRISTMAS!!!!

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Here's to the next year full of our beautiful knitted goodies!

           HAPPY KNIT YEAR!!!!!      :XY:  :balloons:  :cheering: [/i][/b][color=red][/color][size=7][/size][/color]   

P.S.  Someone will have to teach me how to do colour fonts!!!!!

[color=red][size=7]MERRY CHRISTMAS!!![/size][/color]

[color=green]Merry Christmas!![/color] :cheering:

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Lots of love to ALL of you!!
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[color=red]Merry[/color] [color=green]Christmas![/color] :smiley:

[size=6][color=red]M[/color][color=green]erry[/color] [color=green]C[/color][color=red]hristmas[/color] to everyone! [/size]

[size=6] [color=red]Happy[/color] [color=green]Christmas!![/color] [/size]

Santa brought me SOCK YARN!!! A whole box full of sock yarn! I :heart: Santa!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Hehe… Santa brought me lots and lots of knitting needles and crochet hooks! and also a storage container for my yarn! :smiley:

Did you get lots of nice colors for socks?

I hope everyone had a very Merry Chirstmas!!! Not sure after tonight when I’ll be able to post again… So I hope you all have a wonderful New year and stay safe!! :happydance:

[color=red]MERRY CHRISTMAS!![/color]

Most of all, I’m hoping all of my KH pals are having a wonderful day whatever the celebration. My nephew has his 1st birthday today! He was born with a double cleft lip/palate and has had a big year with two surgeries. He is a busy little guy and happy as can be… we are so thankful he’s ok in every way. He has his grandaddies’ blue eyes and their names as well (James Patrick) and we know they are smiling down from Heaven on him!

We had a great celebration with Christmas last night and JP’s birthday today. DH and I may not be welcome for all the noisy presents we brought… and I dressed JP in a MN Viking’s baby cheerleader outfit…LOLOL not cool…dad and mom are Packer fans…as is the whole family, but hey…it was a hoot! :roflhard:

Hope all is well with everyone and may we all have peace and love every day of the year!
Jodie :heart:

:heart: [size=6][color=red]M[/color][color=green]e[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=green]r[/color][color=red]y[/color] [color=green]C[/color][color=red]h[/color][color=green]r[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=green]s[/color][color=red]t[/color][color=green]m[/color][color=red]a[/color][color=green]s[/color][/size] :heart:

Yay! Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you had a great day, and have a nice relaxing break! :heart: