Merry Christmas to me

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him I wanted one of those Total Totes ( in the chocolate color. He told me to order it. Sooooooooo…I just got online and ordered it and a ton of yarn and the Harmony cable needles ( Aren’t they gorgeous!!! :woot:

I plan on doing that cabled bag from the DROPS (?) calendar! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I wonder if hubby will notice the extra $10 I charged to ship it in 3 days?! Hey, had I not done that, it would have come in 14 days…one day AFTER Christmas.

yea you! I wonder if you will get the harmony needles that fast though? aren’t they on back order?:??

I just ordered some harmony dpns (size 0 – they look like toothpicks!) and some of the harmony options and they arrived in less than a week.

Congrats on getting your xmas wishes! I got the Total Tote (in brown as well) a few months ago and love it. I usually do smaller projects (hats, afghan squares, scarves) so that several projects fit in there just perfectly. May not be big enough for a sweater project, but it holds all my tools so I have them all in one place. And don’t forget to remove the middle section, because it’s velcro could destroy your yarn. Hope you enjoy it!

:inlove: How exciting for you. I have the harmony cable needle set, and they are very beautiful. You’re going to love 'em.

My I borrow your husband? Just for the Christmas season? lol

Sure! After all, my mother always taught me to share!

You had me worried, so I double checked. The cable needles were in stock, and everything shipped out last night! :woot:

:woot: YAY for dh!! I finally have the cable needles coming to me too :teehee: …they shipped last night…

I’m so glad they aren’t on back order! maybe I should go get them myself???:woohoo:

:teehee: Go grab them now…they sell out fast…everytime I thought I’ll wait the next day they would be gone…

my mil got me harmony circulars but said the cable needles were on back order until January…not sure about dpns, which were also on my list…maybe I should re-check!?

Well, now I’m not so sure here. I tried to order online yesterday, but I was having cookie/password issues, so I called my order in. The woman on the phone said nothing about the cable needles being back-ordered. My package shipped and is scheduled for delivery TODAY :woot: despite the fact that I paid for 3-day shipping (which would mean Monday) - and it lists the cable needles as being included with the order.
Being obsessed with my order, I just went to knitpicks again. My “stash” still showed all the items that I was going to order, and the cable needles were listed as “not available until January” something.
So now I don’t know if they will be in my box or not.
My other dilemma: Since this is a Christmas gift to me, do I NOT open the box when it arrives or do I rip it open and look at everything??? I suppose the [B]adult[/B] thing to do would be to just hand the unopened box to DH and let him wrap it up for Christmas, but that is going to KILL me!!!

I vote open it! Nothing like a good pre xmas surprise!