Mermaid Tail

I’m stuck:?? And also tech challenged today…can’t seem to link the pattern.
I’m knitting Jen Cragen’s Mermaid Tail for American Girl Doll on Ravelry and am stuck on row 96.
Row 95 ends with 42 stitches (1x1 ribbed). Next instructions are:
Rows 96-113: repeat the following two rows
Row 1: k1, [k2tog, k8, (in space between next 2 stitches work K1, P1 (increasing two stitches in
between two established stitches and making decorative hole )), k8, k2tog] twice, k1
Row 2: purl across

I understand all the stiches- the increase is a bar increase and the stitch count doesn’t change on the row. I just don’t get where the increases are supposed to be and why one would be a purl when the rest of the row is all knit.

In the comments on her pattern page, she says the increases are not right next to each other…so, where are they:???:

I asked on the pattern page but I really wanted to finish this today. :knitting:

What a cute pattern.

You want to work a double increase by k1, p1 into the loop between the end of the first k8 and the start of the second k8. It could be a knit in front, knit in back of the loop I suppose but the designer chose the k1, p1. It’s your choice really.
She may mean that the [I]sets[/I] of increases are separate from each other. Certainly the k1, p1 are right next to each other.

Done! I didn’t like the k1p1-so I did a knit f&b. Looks great - but there are a few things I’ll play with before I do one big enough for a baby. I want to convert it to knit in the round so I don’t have to seam it.