Mermaid Jacket

Hi everyone, I’m really excited about the Mermaid Jacket (, but am allergic to wool. I’d love to get the pattern, but don’t really want to spend £60 on a kit with yarn I couldn’t possibly use. I can’t find anywhere to just buy the pattern though :frowning:

Anyone got a solution?
Fi xxx

try emailing the designer? i was just looking at that jacket too (thanks flying fingers :wink: )

I would try to hunt down the designer and ask if you can purchase the pattern. But make sure you tell them that you are allergic to wool. And then see if there is a different yarn that they carry that they may be willing to sell instead. That jacket is gorgeous, by the way, and with such beautiful colors. And if all else fails, try to enlarge the picture and see if you can figure out the pattern yourself. (am I allowed to say that on this website? :teehee:)