Merino Wool?

Is the 100% Merino wool just as warm as 100% regular wool?
And what about 100% super wash?

Yes-merino is a breed of sheep. It tends to be softer than some other types of wool, but is just as warm.

In my experience, superwash is as warm as ‘regular’ wool.

Thank you :hug: Gonna make mittens and want them to be warm for MN cold winters.So many wools to chose from:shock:.

Merino would be great for that. You might also look for a wool/alpaca blend-something like Berrocco’s Ultra Alpaca. Even toastier! :slight_smile:

Julie, I made my daughter some convertible mittens out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca and she says they are really warm. They are wool and alpaca.

Thanks Jan I will go check out the yarn now.:hug: