Merino roving

Soo does anyone know if you can cut wool roving with scissors? or does it wreck it? am I suppossed to tear it apart :shrug: Also I bought 80’s merino grade roving and it feels super soft is it a good quality wool?

Merino is good grade most of the time. 80’s are just fine for most projects. Don’t cut the roving (unless you really want to, but it won’t make spinning any easier).

Gently pull about an arm’s length off. Then gently pull the fibers apart.

Try searching for “drafting fiber for spinning” And check out the resource stick in this forum. Lots of how to’s and such.

Yep, just tear it apart. You want a nice tapered end to start spinning with anyway. Never, ever, ever cut roving, sliver, top, batts, rolags, anything… unless you don’t plan on spinning it.