Merged: Pssst...Knitty/Fall Knitty is up

The Fall Knitty patterns are up!

Oooh!! Thanks! I’ve been waiting for the new knitty! :happydance:

DAMN!!! Ingrid, you KNOW i don’t have time to knit!!! what are you trying to do, make me insane???

I just looked last night and it wasn’t up. Sneaky sneaky!!!

[color=indigo]KH was mentioned in the Hipster pattern.[/color]

look at her hiding that over here where i …oh yeah i do look over here all the time, nevah mind! i wanna make mittens now

Are you sure it hasn’t already happened? Though if it hasn’t, and you need to find out how to get there, just ask me, I’ve been there and back again so many times I’ve got a roadmap if you want it :smiley:

oh please, you know we elected you mayor of crazy Mr. McCheese!


That lacy shrug pattern is PERFECT!!!

I have three different yarns that I want to make it in… :smiley:

Me too!!! I’m making scarves for xmas, but now I’m thinking that mittens would be fun, too. Ooooh, if only I could clone myself like Kelly K…

The lacey shrug is beautiful but I’m too “bountious” up front for them to look good on me. :roflhard:

I love the little bear, though, and am going to make one of those up pronto.

one of the reasons I love shrugs is because all the attention is on the busty bits… not the tummy bits :wink:

I like Ponchos cause they hide the fact I don’t have much up top but then it hides my baby fat in the mid section LOL

I want to make the bear and I love Josephine… I wonder if hmmm…

[color=blue]Did you see BUBBY? :heart: Bubby

[/color] [color=blue]Gotta make BUBBY :cheering: [/color]

[size=2]I did it… renamed and URL! :happydance: [/size]

I googled the yarn used in Josephine Adriafil Charme and I can’t find anything on it… I found a swatch but can’t find a place that sells it to compare prices or see what I could possible use in place of it… Has anyone used this? Or have an idea as to what I could use in its place? TIA :smiley:

Awww, I really need to live somewhere where I need sweaters! I love that cabled coat! And the cabled wrap thingy!

Isn’t that adorable? Especially the way he’s posed. :smiley:

mmmm…Knitty’s so kewl!!

Check it out

I love some of the patterns. Of course most of the ones I like are cabled. Looks like I better get practicing!

And it has a great tutorial on knitting mittens! Oooh, I’ve been wanting to make my kids a pair. Can’t wait!

All of the patterns are too hard for me. :crying:

wow!! :slight_smile:

I love those cardigans! I usually knit gifts for people but never find things i want to make for myself - until now!! :slight_smile: So many cool things to choose from!!! :inlove: Cinxia… wow… i like her style…

Me likey this issue!!! :heart: :slight_smile:


I wanna do (or should I say I wanna be ABLE to do) Samus!