"Mercenized" Cotton

so what exactly does it mean when cotton is mercenized and how does this differ from just buying 100% cotton yarn???

I found this through Google: http://fiberarts.org/design/articles/mercerized.html

It’s shinier, and is (I think) supposed to be more shrink-resistant.

The physical characteristics are obvious enough–I can spot the difference…I just wonder if it makes a ton of difference if you knit something out of 100% cotton when it calls for mercenized cotton–a pattern that’s not a garmet I mean…

Thanks for the link–I’m about to go and read it now. I googled but it kept wanting to correct my spelling of the word “mercenized” for some reason…

:slight_smile: That’s because it’s mercerized, silly, but we still love you!

I did a sweater with 100% cotton when it called for mercerized, and it turned out fine. :slight_smile:

thanks…I feel dumb. I swear I copied the word straight from the pattern…

Can you say MISPRINT~~ in the pattern~!! :teehee:

Seriously! LOL. Don’t feel dumb, Christy–I’m an editor, so I just can’t help myself–sorry! :oops:

it’s okay–it only took me about an hour to get over it…

just kidding! :slight_smile:

I was going to point it out when I posted the link, but I didn’t want to be “that guy.” :oops: I’m not the greatest speller ever, anyway.

geeze…you guys are out to get me aren’t you!!! LOL! I’m not a great speller either but I typically check stuff like that and I swear that I did–I’m going to blame it on my astigmatism… (did I spell that right?? :roflhard: )

yep :happydance: :rofl:

OMG… I thought it was mercanized for the longest time! What can I say? I’m not good with big words! :doh:

[size=1]Okay, I won’t mention that I keep wanting to correct the suject line spelling… [/size]


:rofl: :oops: :rofl: Oh no!! I’ve become “that guy!”

Okay Jan–you can correct the spelling (lord knows I wouldn’t want to be the reason someone else makes the mistake of misspelling that word!!! LOL!) but only b/c you have “the power” to do so!!!

you guys crack me up…

:teehee: I could fix it, but then this entire thread wouldn’t make sense. No one cares really, we all do it from time to time! I’m glad you are good natured about the ribbing. (no pun intended) :hug: :hug:


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Completely OT bit of info (but using the word mercerized)… in Mexico, a craft store is called a “Merceria”