Meowf Hat

I am going to knit this hat next for a child’s size.
Here is the link.

I will be knitting it in the round using just one colour for the cats. But reading people’s notes my head is spinning. Several said they added 2 st for seaming. And some ended up increasing eventually from 88 or 90 to 120 Sts! Maybe the 2 added sts are just for knitting flat.

I just want a child’s hat size. Any thoughts would be appreciated

There will be a LOT of figuring out if you want to cast on less due to the fair isle. You need to figure out how many stitches each cat repeat takes up. It looks like each repeat is two cats. If you take out one cat the tails and alternating color won’t work.

Alternatively you could use a lighter weight yarn and see if that’s enough to make it as small as you want. It calls for aran weight (which is basically worsted or just slightly heavier). So if you use sport or DK it will be smaller.

As for knitting in the round vs seaming adjustment- I’m not sure.

The hat is written for intarsia knit flat. If you’re going to strand the yarn across the back and knit in the round, you won’t need to add 2 extra sts for seaming. Just add the 2sts indicated after the rib to bring the stitch count to 90 for 3 repeats of the chart.
The person who increased to 120sts was making a “hubby hat”.

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Ohhhh…I was in a hurry so didn’t read through the pattern enough. Clearly. Still not sure how she’d make it smaller with the cat design.

I did something similar with the Baa-ble hat. Once you know how many sts you need from a gauge swatch, you can mess around with the chart. Leave out a cat, change the spaces between pairs of cats, that kind of thing.

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I have never made a gauge swatch. Since not knitting for a specific person for size I don’t do it. I think this may be a jaw dropping bit of info for this forum. I just hate the idea of time knitting a swatch…never to be used.

Yes, on the other hand if the hat is too small or too large, you get to pull it out and try again. In the end, a swatch is a time saver.

Good point. I will do a swatch on this one. My first!
I c/o 88 sts but looks too small. 120 would be too big. Then math comes into play with the chart. Yikes!
I will you tube swatch for the best way and see how it works. Thanks!