Menstrual pain relief

Hi all,

Just wondering how everybody copes with yor period pains?

I’ve always had bad cramps and had the misery of taking painkillers and using hot water bottles for many years.

then I saw the advert fr the LadyCare magnet and knew this was what I’ve been looking for.:woohoo:

This product is now been marketed at menopausal women, but it deals with 90% of my pain and does the same job as the mn8.

I’d reccomend this to anyone who is suffering - it’s the best money ever spent. it’s an english website as I am an English girlie…

How does everyone else cope with their pains?

Therma care heat wraps- it’s a hot pack that stays hot for 8+ hours and sticks to the skin, so you can go anywhere. I actually need them on my lower back more than anything, that’s where my pain seems to center.

I get horrible cramps, where sometimes I feel like I can’t even make it to work. My doctor prescribed me Naproxen thats a bit stronger than the OTC versions you can get. I try to take as little of it as possible of it as I can, so usually only in the beginning of my period when the cramps are at their very worst. I’ve also used those disposable heating patches which I like in addition to the Naproxen. The combination ususally works pretty well but doesn’t totally get rid of them for me.

ETA: I didn’t see that Elowein already posted about them before I got there, but those are the heating patched I was talking about.

I used to get cramps so bad that Naproxen did almost nothing. Except give me a headache, make me lethargic, and make me feel depressed. That was fun. :roll: Before that, I’d been taking a prescription strength ibuprofen, which was working better than the Naproxen did (as in, it sorta helped the pain without the side effects!)

Now I can usually kick it off with 4 (or sometimes fewer) advil (1 prescription strength ibuprofen pill).

The thermacare idea sounds great, though. :think:

DRUGS - DRUGS - DRUGS!!! And lots of them. Unfortunately, the drugs are boat-loads cheaper than all the diagnostics to figure out exactly why mine are SO [B]debilitating[/B]. But when I had some extra money, I found that birth control offered some relief.

Ibuprofen works too, but the trick is to start taking it in regular intervals about 3 or 4 days prior before your cycle starts. It’s like a ramping-up phase.

Hope that helps.

Birth control pills. Before I took them, my cramps were extremely painful (not able to get out of bed at least one day of each cycle). But only the kind I’m currently taking works for me - I’ve tried other pills and the cramps are there (though never as bad as they were).

Oh, and exercise!

The more stressed you are, the worse your cramps are. So exercise helps in relieving stress (by releasing endorphins) and helps like that.

When I was in high school, I had short periods with light cramps on the first day. I also was training for a black belt, and was working out intensively at least 3 hours a week, often more. I also did a lot of ab work.

Got to college, stopped training. Periods were still short, but with horrible, wretched, debilitating cramps. Worked at a summer camp, was outside all day every day, very active, cramps weren’t as bad. Got back to college, cramps got bad again. :shrug:

It’s not a magic fix-all, but it’s one more good reason to exercise!

I’m backing out slowly and quietly. :pray:

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beer will do that to ya.

ah, beer’s a good idea…if you drink enough, you won’t care about the cramps :teehee:

seriously though. :shifty: Heating pads and avoiding caffeine (including chocolate) generally work for me. If they’re bad, I’ll grab an Advil LiquidGel.

Taking calcium everyday has been shown to decrease pain with periods. I did this before my hyst and it worked well. Though I was pretty young when I went into surgical menopause (40) I haven’t missed my period for one minute. No more pms (probably really pmdd) and no more pain and mood swings…

I second what a previous poster suggested. Getting on birth control worked WONDERS on my period. I recently switched to the Nuva Ring and my periods now last 4 days at the most, and I have no cramps. Before I got on BC, my cramps were crippling to the point where i’d get sent home from highschool because I couldn’t function.

Ughh… I am dealing with this just today.

Birth control won’t work for me as DH and I are trying to have a baby (well, once he gets back from Iraq in November, can’t do too much with him over there! :teehee:).

Last month I had [COLOR=black]anhysterosalpingogram[/COLOR][COLOR=black](omg that hurt so much, I wish DH was there to hold my hand, luckily I had a super nice nurse!) and this month the cramps are awful… I guess I should go get some ThermaCare wraps. (I am already popping the ibuprofen!) [/COLOR]

research Nikken heath magnets… They are the largest health product company out of Japan… 30 years old…

they have an incredible amount of research on the magnetic configuration and how it works on a living cell.
p.m. me if you need help locating them online. I have used this magnet on my eyes…, sprained ankles, headaches, burns, etc etc etc

“Last month I had [COLOR=black]anhysterosalpingogram[/COLOR][COLOR=black](omg that hurt so much, I wish DH was there to hold my hand, luckily I had a super nice nurse!) and this month the cramps are awful… I guess I should go get some ThermaCare wraps. (I am already popping the ibuprofen!)”

I wonder if that is something that I need to discuss with my GYN...

I have had every blood test known, multiple ultrasounds (transvaginal & uterine) and prescribed medication to bring my menstruation. (For some strange reason, my period became very irregular after getting it like clockwork for years, only to stop getting it altogether). Now in order to keep getting my period I have to take bc pills (which is counterproductive). They have not been able to find a reason for why my period suddenly stopped in an otherwise healthy person...five years and still they don't know why...

It’s definietly not fun. :sad: Basically the doctor has to dialte your cervix a bit and insert the catheter to inject the dye (both of which hurt - the doctor promised me he wasn’t making a new hole! :teehee:) Then when they inject the dye it causes severe cramps… I hurt so much I almost threw up and nearly passed out and I have a high pain tolerance! Luckily it didn’t show any blockages in my Fallopian tubes. Now I just need to wait for DH to come home… I can’t exactly make a baby on my own! :nails:

best wishes to you, amy. i can’t begin to imagine what you are dealing with.

and on a lighter note, hysterectomy worked for me. woot!

Um…vicodin:shifty: It works for me!

I use to have horrible periods too (I started at 10:mad:, 22 now). They would be horrificlly painfull, super heavy and they would come for two weeks, every two weeks. Finally when I was 13 the doctors put me on birth control which helped some. I use to have to go to the hospital for pain and they discovered giant cysts on the ovaries that would act up when I started my period:!!!: I started the Nuva Ring about four years ago and it helped wonders with the cysts abd flow. Recently though, my periods have gotten really bad again. Their hurting bad, Im way more moody and Im soooo tired I can barely get up. I just get some thermacare wraps, vicodin and dark chocolate M&M’s and wait it out:shrug:

But like dakatzmeow, my mom said a hysterectomy works every time!