Men's zip up cardigan?


Does anyone have a pattern for a men’s zip up cardigan? I’ll pay for postage or if you can direct me to one on the internet that would be great!


You might want to check through these. They’re all free!

Here’s one–it costs $5.50 to download:

If you find a men’s cardigan you like that has buttons, you could also do it with a zipper instead, I’d imagine.

Add these to the other links to check . :thumbsup:'s%20ribbed%20zip%20jacket%20pattern_PD50643220.html?

This one is free, but the patterns are hard to follow sometimes because of the translation from Norwegian.

Thanks - I should be able to make what I want from a combination of these!

The book [U]Last Minute Knitted Gifts[/U] by Joelle Haverson has a nice zip up sweater for men. I can’t remember if it is a cardigan or not but I do remember thinking it was a good man’s sweater. My library has the book and I have a very small library you might want to check yours.