Men's socks

My brother David is a member here and he suggested I join up (DavidSydney63).

I"m after patterns for men’s sock in 2 or 4 ply if someone can point me in the right direction.

Hi! Welcome to KH. David’s done some impressive knitting and it’s great that he got you to join us. The best place to start looking for patterns that I know of is It’s free to join. I’ve not gotten spam or any other problems from joining there. A search there for men’s socks, 2- and 4-ply yarns yields this. You can narrow it more by top-down or toe-up and other things too. My favorite so far is the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks because I can do just about anything I like with them and don’t need a pattern. Have fun! Let us know what pattern you choose, please.

Hi Heather and welcome to Knitting Help! I’ve moved your thread to the Pattern Central Forum where you’ll likely get more answers.

2 or 4 ply can mean various weight yarns. Do you want a sock yarn which is fingering weight?

Hi Heather, nice to see you here!

Hi Heather from another Heather :slight_smile:
You could also try Knitting Pattern Central