Mens slippers

Hi all,

I am looking for a REALLY EASY mens slipper pattern (I’ve never made socks) for my FIL for Christmas. Bulky Yarn please!!! He is now going to be at our place on xmas morning and I have knitted something for everyone elses stocking… so I would feel horrible if I didn’t have something for him!

If I can’t find an easy and fast slipper pattern, he’ll be getting mittens as he walks a lot.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi Guys,

I’ve done some research…

has anyone knit these ? I was thinking of doing them… they look easy enough. I think I would likely use 2 strands of bulky though and knit them somewhat tight so they are toasty warm.

your thoughts? I’m still pretty new in the knitting game… so any suggestions you have would be great.


They are cute slippers, but the don’t have a very “manly” shape to me. How about a hat for him to wear on his walks? That would be a quick knit – probably quicker than slippers.


I was also thinking a hat. I made a hat for my dad from the father/daughter pattern and I made a cabled one for my mother. I don’t know what I would do different for my FIL. Maybe just a basic touque but in stripes? Black/grey/charcole perhaps?

uggg. I do love knitting hats though… instant gratification!